Best 11 methods to Earn money online(How to earn money online in 2020)

Are you looking for homebase online jobs? You are in right place. Today i will show you the best 10 method of make money online. In 2015 i had no idea about online earning and i thought it can not be possible, but today i know that online earning process is the best way to make money. There are tousands of way for earning online but i am going to tell you only 10 best and genuine ways. So lets start……….

1.Earn money from YouTube:

              I think YouTube is the best way to earn money online. May be you do not know but it is true that peoples are earning millions of dollar per month from YouTube. Just shoot video and upload it on YouTube. There so many topics on YouTube , you can choose anything like cooking videos,sports videos,technical,comedy videos etc…. create a YouTube channel with your E-mail ID and verify it with your mob no. Then make videos on any topic and upload it on YouTube. If peoples likes your videos then they will subscribe your channel. when your channel will reach 1000+ subscribe and will have 4000 hrs watchtime, your channel will be elligible for monitization. apply for youTube partner programm , once they approve your channel you will start making money from here.

2.Earn money from survey site:

           If you have free times ( 2-3 hrs) and you want to earn some extra income then you can complete some surveys and you will get some cash for these task . basically it takes 5 to 20 minutes per survey and you will be rewarded from 1$ to 15$ per survey depending your location or profile. They will ask you some question like which mobile phone you are using or how much you earn per year and you have to give answers. One of the best survey site is Clixsense . I have working here since 2017 and this the only one you need. You will surely earn 5$ to 50$ per day . Registration is free, click here for registration.

3.Earn money from Blogging:

          Blogging is The largest earning platform of online earning/make money online. Top bloggers from all over the world are earning 30000$ to 70000$ or more per month, that means you can earn million of dollar per year from blogging. 
           When i started blogging i had no idea about earning but as days passed i got the truth about blogging. If you dont have money to start blogging then you can start blogging without invest money. You can start with Blogger or wordpress website. just register and start writing blog about any Topic like Health, Travelling, cooking, technical etc. And if you want to invest some money then buy a domain and go to wordpress or website and make your blog website easily. 

4.Earn Money from PTC website: 

          There are some PTC website who will pay you for viewing ads on their website. PTC mean Paid To Click , You have to click on ads and they will pay you . Ptc website will pay you through Paypal/skrill/neteller/payeer. If you dont have paypal/skrill/neteller/payeer account then first visit their official website and create these accounts . These are free. Paypal/skrill/neteller all are online payment gateway. register in PTC website is totally free , but maximum PTC sites are scam they does not pay. Here are some trusted PTC List:
5.WATERPTC (closed)

I will recomend you Neobux and waterptc(closed) because both are good and you can trust these sites.

5.Earn money from Freelancing websites:

            If you have any talent/skill like Photo editing, photoshop,video editing, web designing, scripting, writing, etc then you can earn a good amount from freelancing websites. One of the trusted freelancing website is fiverr. go to and register youself, submit your details tell them about your skills, clients will contact with you. 

6.Earn money from Captcha solving sites:

             when you log in any trusted website you may see captcha/rec-captcha like this image given below…..
If you have 2-3 hrs free time per day then you can earn a good amount(4-10$) per day by typing or solving captcha. Its very easy and anyone can do this work. If you have good typing speed then you will earn more. The best two capcha soling sites are given below:
1. Kolotibablo
2. 2 Capcha
I will recomend you Kolotibablo, because i have worked here and this sites pays you instantly.

7. Affiliate Marketing:

         One of the best way to make money online is Affiliate marketing. There are many company who wants to sell their products through affiliate marketer. When you sign up in their website as a affiliate marketer they will provide you a affiliate link. You have to share this link with your friend or you can share this link in your social media or your website/youtube channel. When anybody will buy a product through your link you will get commision. There are no limit how much you can earn . Many peoples are earning millions of dollar from affiliate marketing. One of the best site for Affiliate marketing is Amazon. Go to their official website and sign up as a affiliate marketer.

8. Earn money by Making apps:

         If you are a app devoloper then you can earn a huge amount per month. Make a good app and get traffic, monitize your app with google admob or other ad network company and make money.

9. Earn money from Facebook Page:

         If you have a facebook page then this tutorial is for you, if not then create first. Make videos on any topic and upload it on your facebook page. You will get best result if you make prank videos. You can make vlog type video also . Once your page gets 10000+ followers and 30000+ views your page will be elligible for Monitization. Monitize your page and start to make money. One of the best thing is you can earn more money from facebook page than YouTube. If you have YouTube channel then try to upload those videos on facebook page also. 

10. Earn money from Facebook group:

         If you have a facebook group and your goup has atleast 500K(500000) members then you can earn money by promoting third parties ads like promoting Youtube chanel/promoting blog website…etc or you can sell this group to anyone for money.

11. Earn money through Trading:

One of the trend way of earn money in present time is trading. Have you listened about IQ option or OLYMP TRADE etc these are online trading platform , where you can trade anything like Gold, usd, inr, BTC etc. If your trade goes right then you will get upto 90% profit. If you invest 100$ you will get 190$ . But it is very risky, you can loss a huge amount or win a huge amount. You have to know some knowledge about trading. When you will sign up in their website you will recieve upto 10000$ in practice  account , you can use them for trading, though you cannot withdraw this practice amount but you will get some knowledge about trading. When you will think that you can trade , just invest some bucks(min10$) and start trading. And dont invest so much money in first times. Choose more than 30 mins your winning chance will increase , dont choose 1 min time it is very risky.
sign up here to get 10000$ .

Olymp Trade 

IQ option

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