Best shares to buy in 2021

Which shares are best in 2021?

Hello! As you know that year 2020 was a worst year and lots of peoples have lost their money in stock market due to market fall. But After the recovery market has started a new journey with fresh energy. Now Investors are investing their money in stock market again. And also economy is recovering. So year 2021 will be the most profitable year if you choose good stock.

  When lock down started due to covid-19 lots of peoples lost their money, but some peoples get double, tripple profit in pharma and chemical(alcohol) shares. Every shares has a season to run with a bullish market. Year 2020 was bullish for pharma and chemical sector. Now you have to find that which sector will perform in year 2021.

Which sector can perform in year 2021?

Of course Auto and Banking sector will perform in 2021. But as you know that bank sector is not safe for invest in present time due to economy slowdown, i will recommend you to buy only HDFC bank and Kotak Mahindra bank. And after that choose atleast 10 auto shares to buy. Remember that After auto auto ancilary sector will run also.

Which Auto share should i buy?

Here are some best auto sector shares you can buy…..

  1. Amarajabat
    2.Racl gear
    4.Sunflag Iron
    5.Exide industry
    6.Fiem Industry

Best 5 shres to buy in 2021

Dont invest in these shres if you have no knowledge about investment . I suggest you to buy these shares and to hold at least 12 months to get real profit.
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