Best stock to buy today. Best stock to buy now 2021

Are you an investor and looking for best stock to invest in 2021. This blog is for you . Here i will duscuss about the best stock to buy now.

Best stocks idea

In the lockdown period most of investor lost their 50% investment or more and now is the time to recover that money.

After lockdown closed most of the shares are running up and giving returns to their investor but you need to know which sector you should invest. As an example, in lockdown most of Best the stocks like IGL, Banking stocks were in huge loss while medical and alcoholic stocks are growing up, Check the price of Affle, Radico khaitan shares.

best stock to buy now?

Now which stock you should buy now in 2021?

Banking sector are recovering their losses and growing slowly. So first choice is to target Banking sector.
But best stock for 2021 is Auto sector. because of lockdown most of the people baught their own vehicle to avaoid public travels. And if you see the latest report , you will see that a huge sells are growing in Auto sector . So you should buy Auto sector first.

If auto sectors will continue for minimum 2 years, so thers a chance to get minimum double return in auto sector. Besides Auto sector you should buy Auto ancilary stocks also. Check Racl geartech returns you will get shock , in just few months it gives 200% returns to investors, can you imagine.

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Best stock for 2021 or Best stock buy today

Here is some best stocks lists to buy today, most of the stocks belongs to auto sector and banking sector:


8.HDFC bank
9.Kotakmahindra bank

If you have 100 rupees to invest then you should invest 5 rupess per stock, 9 stock = 45 rs and 55 rupees will be in your pocket for other investment purposes. Never invest all money in one stock.

Best stock for long term

If you want to be a millionair or billionair by investing stock market or if you want to get 5x, 7x, 10x return you have to buy best stock for long term investment . Long term stocks will give you more return. You have choose best stock, where you will get minmum 2x return per year. If you choose worst stock like yes bank then you will lost you invest.

How to choose best stock for long term?

Every stock have long term chart. For watch long term chart use any of the best stock trading platform . select the stock you want to see long term chart and check how much return the stock gives . If you see that the long term chart is uptrend then it is best to invest. And if you see that the long term chart is downtrend then it is not best to invest.

Also you should check other details like company’s income, profit and loss, share holder, busines idea etc.

best stocks for long term

Here are some stock lists for long term investment

  1. Balkrshna industry
  2. IRCTC
  3. Reliance
  6. IGL
  7. Tci express
  8. phizer
  9. Naukri (Info edge ltd)
  10. 10.Amber

Hope that this article will help you to make a good portfolio . And you will get high returns .

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