Earn a passive income per month from STOCK MARKET.

Hello! are you an indian and want to earn a passive income per month? Then i will tell you a smart way to earn money . The best way to earn money in online is STOCK MARKET or SHARE MARKET. Because of Covid -19 lot op peoples losses their jobs. Peoples who were working/investing their money in stock market they are earning a huge amount per month.

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How to start stock market/share market?

  1. Create a demat account and trading account from any broker house , Here are some recommended broker companies

https://www.edelweiss.in , https://www.angelbroking.com, https://zerodha.com

2.After getting the demat account and trading account download their mobile app and log in with your trading account ( also you can use their website).

  1. Buy shares/stocks and make profit from those stoks.

How do i get profit from stock market?
Suppose you bought a share at 100 Rs price and sell it at 130 Rs. Then your profit is 30 Rs per stock. If you buy 1000 shares then your profit will be 30000 rs.

How much i have to invest to start stock market?
You can start your journey from 500 Rs but i will recommend you to start with min 5000 to 10000 Rs. Maximum no limit.

What I should not do in stock market?
Never trade in intraday or option . Always try to be an investor.

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Which stocks should I buy ?
It is true that all stocks will not give you the return so you have to choose a better stock/share. I have created a telegram channel where you will get stocks or shres which will give you min 10% return in 1 month to 1 year. Click the link https://t.me/joinchat/NApgARVZYoCWcQmRFNnmkw

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