How to How to convert a normal blog to SEO in blogspot? How to do SEO in blogspot

How to How to convert a normal blog to SEO in blogspot?

As a beginner most of the people start their blog website in blogspot. As blogspot is a free website, there is no such options like wordpress to SEO. But still there are many websites which are hosted in blogspot and getting a huge traffic.

If you have a blog website in blogspot then you can also get a good traffic by doing some SEO .

  1. Add a register domain.
    If you are using a free blogspot domain then you should buy a domain and add that domain to your blogspot website.You can buy it from Go daddy or thers websites. It would be better if you buy a .com extension domain. After buy domain log in to your blogger website and click settings then click on Basic , click “set up a third party url” . And add your domain.
  2. Add your website address to Webmaster( Search console)
    After doing this you have to add your web url to google webmaster tool. Search Google Search console and sign up in google search console. After sign up click on add property option then add your url like or It will help your site to get rank while searching in google.
  3. Upload a Responsive Template or theme
    Templates or themes are basically a design of website it will help your website to get a proffessional look. You can visit sora template’s website , there you will get free and paid templates for blogger/blogspot websites. Just download one of those templates and upload it on your blogger theme.
  4. Write search description
    When you write a new post in blogger/blogspot there is a option ” Search Description” . There you can add some search key words, It will improve your search results in google. Suppose your Blog is about Arabian Nights then can add Alif Laila story in English/ Full Arabian Night sory, etc You can add more than one keywords.
  5. Add meta tags and add a description
  6. Log in to your your blogger website and go to settings then click on search preferences and add description about your blog .
  7. Add a some high ranking key words in your blog title or post description
    Find some good key words which are getting high ranking in google , and try to add those key words to your title and post description. Suppose your blog title is how to earn money online, and the key word that getting high traffic is ” How to earn money online” then you should add this key word to your post or title. But keep in mind that there are thousands of key word in one topic and it is not so easy to find best key word for you post.
  8. Add email-ssubscription option
    When you visit some god websites you may noticed that there is a menu called ” Subscribe our Websites”. You can also add this feature to your website it will help you very much. It works like youtube subscription button, if you create a new post, subscribed members will get a notification and they will visit your site again.
  9. Make good content
    Its all about content , if you write a good content then you dont have to worry. YOur site will get rank surely. May be it will take time but you will get result. So try to write good ccontent, it is the best way to get rank in google.

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